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Adipic acid

  • CAS No:124-04-9 hexanedioic acid
    Molecular Structure

    Detailed Description

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    English name Adipic acid,Hexane dioci acid
    CAS NO, 124-04-9
    Fomular: C6H10O4
    White crystal, melting point 153.0 ~ 153.1 °C.
    Molecular weight 146.14
    Melting point 153 °C
    Boiling point 332.7 °C
    Density of 1.360
    The flash point of 209.85 °C
    Flash point (a cup) 231.85 °C
    Melt viscosity 4.54 mPa · s (160 °C)
    "Structure type: HOOC-(CH2) 4-COOH
    The main purpose of the synthetic polymer used as raw material, also for making plasticizer and lubricant
  • Adipic acid
  • Adipic acid