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Copper chloride

    Detailed Description

    Chlorinated copper
    1.Product :
    Crystals solid. Deliquescent crystals solid.)
    Odor: Odorless.
    Molecular Weight: 170.48 g/mole
    Color: Bluish-green
    Boiling Point: Decomposition temperature: 992.78°C (1819°F)
    Melting Point: 100°C (212°F)
    Critical Temperature: Not available.
    Specific Gravity: 2.54 (Water = 1)
    Vapor Density: 5.9 (Air = 1)
    Easily soluble in cold water, hot water, methanol. Soluble in acetone. Very slightly soluble in diethyl ether. Moderately soluble
    in acetone and Ehyl Acetate. Freely soluble in ethanol. Solubililty in Water: 76 parts in 100 parts water @ 25 deg. C

    electroplating industry as electroplating copper ions increased use additives slot.
    Organic matter as catalyst, hydrogenation reaction media solution agent.
    Glass, ceramic pigment, synthetic material used phthalocyanine pigment raw materials.
    Printing and dyeing of oxidizing catalyst, take a picture in making for wood preservative, aluminum alloy, mordants colorants, agricultural pesticides, fish feed additives.
  • Copper chloride
  • Copper chloride