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Calcium hypophosphite

  • CAS No:7789-79-9 Calcium hypophosphite
    Molecular Structure

    Detailed Description


    I, Calcium hypophosphite PROPERTIES
    a. Appearance: White crystalline powder.
    b. Solubility: soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, with the solubility of 16.7g/100g water. Its water solution appears weak acid.
    C. Molecular formula: Ca(H2PO2)2
    d.Structural formula: Calcium hypophosphite 98%min CAS No.:7789-79-9 with competitive price
    e. Calcium hypophosphite Molecular weight: 170.06
    f. Calcium hypophosphite CAS NO.: 7789-79-9

    II. Calcium hypophosphite Usage
    Used as food additives and nutrients for animal and used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical, as well as applicable as antioxidant and analytic reagent.
    IV. Package
    The product in knitted Kraft paper bag lined with PVC bag with the capacity of 25kg, also packed in 50kgs cardboard drum lined with PVC bag.